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O-X Visa

          The O-X visa is more commonly known as the long awaited 10 year Thai retirement visa. Qualifications of those who can obtain a visa  50 years old and above

Have a nationality and hold a passport of

1) Japan

2) Australia

3) Denmark

4) Finland

5) France

6) Germany

7) Italy

8) Netherlands

9) Switzerland

12) United Kingdom

13) Canada

14) United States.

Financial Criteria:

             You need to present a certificate of no criminal record from both your home country and Thailand.

             You need to present a medical certificate confirming that you do not have the following diseases:

Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Narcotic Disease or Syphillis.

            You will need to have medical insurance covering up to four hundred thousand baht for inpatient cover and 40,000 baht for outpatient cover.

           Spouses and legitimate children can obtain a dependant visa.

The complete list of documents you must prepare for an Non O-X visa are:

Medical certificate

Health Insurance

Fee of 10,000 THB

          At present there is no plan to cease issuing standard retirement visas and retirement extensions, however this option is now also available for people who wish to have a visa with more than one year validity.

The team at AW Biz are able to advise you which type of retirement visa will be the best for you along with other options for long stay visas in Thailand.

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