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If you are a foreign national living in Thailand, you need a visa to remain in the country officially. This is especially true if you are in the country on a long-term non-immigrant visa.

You will need to do something known as 90-day reporting to remain in legal standing. This reporting informs immigration authorities that you comply with the country’s immigration laws. It also confirms your address with the immigration authorities.

We examine the ins and outs of 90-day reporting so that you know what to do when the time comes for you to renew your visa.

What Exactly is 90-Day Reporting?

The Thai Immigration Bureau launched a new online system that facilitates 90-day checks and address confirmation of foreigners living in the country for longer than three months. Thai immigration authorities introduced the system to make it easier for foreigners to confirm their status in the country.

Applicants must complete submissions 14 days before the 90-day date. It is also permissible to submit a 90-day report up to seven days after the required 90-day due date. If applying via registered mail, submit your report at least 15 days before the end of your stay.

You are excused from 90-day reporting as a foreign national living in the country if you leave Thailand during the specific 90-day period before the due date is up. In such cases, the moment you re-enter the country on the same visa, the 90-day count restarts. You have another three months to legally reside in the country before you are required to submit another 90-day report (if you do not leave the country).

How Do You Do 90-Day Reporting?

Foreign nationals can use several methods to submit a 90-day report in Thailand.

These include:

· Visiting the official immigration website and submitting your 90-day report online

· Visiting your local immigration office to submit your 90-day report in person.

· Submitting your application via registered mail.

· If not confident about doing 90-day reporting on your own or time-starved, hiring a registered agent to fill out the application for you.

What Documents Do You Need?

Ensure that you submit the following required documentation:

· Original and copy of a valid passport (It should have the identification page visible plus pages with Thai entry/exit stamps and visas)

· The latest immigration entry stamp

· The latest Thai Visa Extension (if applicable)

· Your current valid Thai Visa

· Completed and signed 90-day report notification form (TM.47 form)

· Front and back copy of arrival/departure card (TM. 6 form)

· Copies of previous 90-day stays (if applicable)

· 4 x 6 cm passport-size photo

· A self-addressed envelope plus a 10 Thai Baht postage stamp (if applying through registered mail).

Bonus Tips

· Do not fail to meet even one reporting date; failure to comply puts you at risk of arrest and could result in a fine of up to 5000 baht.

· Always keep a receipt of all postal applications; if possible, keep copies of the application forms in your files.

· Use registered mail when sending applications or documents to the Thailand Immigration Bureau; registered mail is proof that you submitted your report as required.

Step-By-Step 90-Day Reporting


· Visit your local Immigration Office with the required documentation.

· Wait your turn (this could take several hours).

· Submit the 90-Day Report

· Receive your 90-Day Report slip.

Via Registered Mail

· Place the required documentation in an envelope

· Include a self-addressed envelope (plus a 10 Thai Baht postage stamp for the Immigration Officer).

· Mail the documents to your local Immigration Office (at least 15 days before the due date).

Via An Authorised Agent / Person

You can use an authorised person or agency to handle the application for you. This could be your:

· Spouse

· Family member

· Visa Agency

· Law Agency

Online 90-Day Report Submissions

The Thai government created an online server in 2015 to process 90-day Reports.

· Submit your Report within 15 to 7 working days before the deadline. If you want to submit outside of this period, you cannot make an online submission and must complete your application in person.

· The online system takes approximately seven working days to be processed.

· Once approved, print out the receipt and keep it somewhere safe.


Complying with immigration law in any country is vitally important to ensure that you can remain there.

At Pat Tippawan, we help foreign nationals and locals with Thai visas, business services, and one-stop HR services in Pattaya. This includes 90-day reporting and other immigration-related applications.

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