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Thai Education visa

The Education Visa is one of the most popular applied for by foreigners wishing to reside in Thailand. It offers up to 12-months stay in the country which can be extended over a number of years.

Who will benefit from an education visa?

People under 50 years of age and not working or married to a Thai citizen who are looking for an extended stay in Thailand will benefit from applying for an education visa. While most choose to study the Thai language at a government accredited language school it is possible to take other courses to improve skills such as web design, scuba diving, thai boxing and more.

There is a shortage of long-stay visa options for foreigners under the age of 50 years old who are not legally employed here or married to a Thai national. This makes the education visa an excellent choice for those wishing to extend their stay in the Kingdom while also learning the language or improving their skill set via an approved course. However, you must make sure to attend your course and not just use the visa as a way to stay in Thailand.

An excellent way to continue your education

An excellent way to continue your education:

Life is all about learning and learning in Thailand is a very pleasant way to study. The education visa allows students of all ages the opportunity to enjoy the delights of this beautiful country while enhancing their knowledge set.

You need to apply for your visa outside of Thailand, the most popular countries to visit for this purpose are Thailand’s neighbouring countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia or Vietnam.

Successful Application

Once your application is approved you will be issued with an initial 3-month Non-ED visa and upon re-entering Thailand either via a land border or an airport you will be issued with a 90-day visa that allows you to legally remain in the country and commence studies.

Renewal of a 1-year educational visa:

The process of extending your 1-year Non-Immigrant Education visa is very straightforward.

You must start the entire process again!

There are rules!

As with all Thai visa applications there are rules that need to be complied with. The first is that you must choose a school which is registered by the country’s Ministry of Education, decide on the type of course you want and then pay the required fee.

The school will then advise and assist you with the correct documentation to begin the process of helping you obtain an initial 3-month Non-Immigrant ED visa.

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