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Funny Beliefs And Myths


Don’t Dismiss Siam’s Superstitions and Myths Thailand’s Traditional Myths and Funny Beliefs

        Thailand is a land that holds myths galore and beliefs that may amuse foreigners, but during a visit don’t dismiss them, otherwise you never know what might happen!

         Let’s break these down into some interesting sections. The first being something all Thai’s wish for:

Good luck:

The points in the next section should be avoided at all costs:

Bad luck:

       This section is very close and believable to all Thai’s, so treat the topic of ghosts, spirits and the after-life very seriously:

The spirit world:

        We must end on a lighter note, and these points should make your ‘people watching’ all the more fun while out and about in the Kingdom:

Appearance and love:

Many more to contend with:

       We have only really skimmed the surface of strange Thai beliefs, myths and perhaps truths.

Speaking with locals during a stay in the Kingdom will bring lots more interesting superstitions to the fore and send you to bed with something to think about and on that note….

       Do not push your bed against the wall of the bathroom as this will ensure your wealth slips away, and when sleeping do not snooze with your head pointing west, or facing the bedroom door. Doing so are two sure-fire ways to have bad dreams!

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