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90 Day Reporting

          Any foreigner staying Thailand for more than 90 days and holding a Non-Immigrant Visa will be required to report their current address to the Thai immigration Department every 90 days. This can be done in person, by a friend, relative or work colleague, via registered mail, or in some cases online.

         Regardless of who actually files the physical report, it must be done with 7 days prior or 7 days after the 90 day period expires. Should you leave and re-enter the Kingdom within the 90 days, the 90 days restart upon your return rather than from the initial entry date. The process is quite straightforward and in most cases takes just a matter of minutes although, as always, turning up early is advisable to avoid the queues.

        90 day reporting can be done at any Immigration office around the country, although it is advisable to use the one closest to your home address to avoid confusion, or if your company is BOI registered, you can do your reporting at your local BOI office. In Bangkok, this is at the Visa Extensions Unit at Ratchada Centre.

        If you are registering your 90-day report via registered mail you will need to submit the following documents:

       It should be noted that it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all documents are received by the Immigration Department 7 days prior to the expiration of the 90-day period. It should also be noted that the receipt of registration should be retained for verification purposes whenever you send registered mail.

       There may be occasions when you lose your TM.47 card. If this is the case you must immediately go to the Immigration Department to report that your card has been lost. They will issue a replacement, however, depending on the officer, this may result in a penalty or an additional “admin” charge.

When you go to the airport to leave the country, the Thai Immigration Department at the airport will not check your 90 day reporting. The officers at the airport are only interested in your actual visa as all 90 day reporting is monitored by your local immigration department rather than the one at the airport. You should also take note to ensure that you have a re-entry permit before leaving the country, failure to do so will result in your visa getting cancelled.

There will on occasions be times when you can’t do the 90 day reporting yourself. If this is the case you will be required to complete a form. The person doing the reporting on your behalf is advised to take a picture of you on their phone to show the officer if the officer requests more information. If someone does do the reporting on your behalf they should take a copy of their Thai ID card or alternatively, a copy of their passport.  

        Obviously, not everyone who stays in the Kingdom lives in a condominium or a house. Some holders of Non-Immigration visas will stay in hotels or guesthouses. If this applies to you, you will still be required to do your 90 day reporting and the accommodation where you stay should also report that you are residing there with 24 hours of you arriving in the country.

        This is usually done electronically but it should be understood that this is not a substitute for 90 day reporting. NEVER, rely on the place where you are staying to do the 90 day reporting on your behalf. This remains your responsibility.

        The penalties for not reporting to the Thai Immigration every 90-days are maximum fine of 5,000 THB. As always, it is better to keep track of any rules changes via the Thai Immigration website as the rules are subject to change without prior warning.

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