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Living in Thailand with your family

Why has Thailand, the land of smiles, become the most appealing destination for ex-pats in recent years? 

1. The mesmerizing culture

The colorful ancient temples, towns, and villages contribute to the rich cultural heritage. The year-round warm climate on white alluring beaches attracts worldwide masses. The new ex-pats happily embrace and savor annual traditions and festivals.

Dense forests, exotic wildlife, classical museums, prehistoric temples, and the list goes on mate…

2. Quality lifestyle

The living expense in Thailand is quite reasonable yet worth-living. Let’s prove it with some evidence. It is ranked on the 7th scale for providing standard and accessible health services. It has beaten the UK and the US in maintaining quality-driven childcare services. What else is the blessing when the education for the child’s first12 years is free of cost? Amazing, isn’t it?


3. Famous attractions

Thailand has top fascinating tourist attractions and we are in love with them. Bangkok and  Chiang Mai are popular tourist destinations because of low living costs, historic locations, mountainous spots, and steep green hills. Pattaya has a great balance of attractions, nearby beaches, developed infrastructure and proximity to the capital. How can I forget to mention Phuket, the most aesthetic beach? The white coast, wooden boats, serene water, and the perfect spot for adventurous water rides. 

The exquisiteness of Thailand must have sparked your hope to settle down there peacefully. Alas, I have seen my fellows falling into a few common ambiguities when planning to expatriate.

Finding reliable agents for a marriage visa and Thai child support visa 

Marriage visa allows you to continue staying on the basis of marrying a native Thai. You must be officially registered at the Thai Amphur marriage list to obtain the visa. As mentioned above, Thailand is highly concerned about the growth and development of Thai children. It offers child support visas to those couples who are not married and have a child with a non-native. This visa allows that child to live independently in Thai. It’s better to take assistance from visa providing agencies for the sake of ease. Get in touch with one of the leading and exceptional visa service providers of Thailand, Pat Tippawan.

Work permits are another headaches 

Living and earning in Thailand without a work permit is a crime if you are an ex-pat. You will be obliged to pay a fine of between B2,000 – 100,000 or imprisonment for 5 years. It’s recommendable to take help from a reliable work permit service provider to avoid any legal implications. Quoting Pat Tippawan again as it is offering phenomenal work permit services.

Thailand supports ex-pat cultures by offering them easy access to the Thai Driving License. They can easily enjoy driving in the country by following the car insurance policies. They have an affable with foreigners or visitors by allowing them to have a safe stay by 90 days reporting system

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