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Good Thai staff are so difficult to find, anyone have any recommendation on where should I put my job adverts on? Where I can find an ideal candidate?

        Many companies find it difficult to hire Thai staff for a number of reasons.

         Thai culture is very different to western culture and understanding some of Thai culture is critical to a successful working and personal life in Thailand.

You can read more about Thai culture by visiting our Thai culture section.

          Thais enjoy fun and if working is not fun for them then they won’t enjoy it. We know that we go to work to do our jobs but we also need to be able to enjoy our day to day activities.

When you are advertising jobs for Thai staff, don’t only list what you expect your staff to do but list the company benefits also. Benefits can include bonuses, extra holidays on top of what you are legally required to give, health insurance, company trips, free lunch, gym memberships, flexi time or anything which can add value to your employees life without negatively affecting your bottom line.

       If you don’t have the budget to pay a very high salary then you need to make up for this with extra benefits. Make your company a place where people want to work and can express their opinions freely and contribute to the company in a positive way.

       Once you have written a great job description which highlights the benefits and really sells the position then you can advertise it on a number of places to try and attract the right staff.     

Local job websites include:

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